"A true artist starts first with a special ability that separates them from others. That ability, however is not enough. To be a great artist one must also genuinely express from the heart and truly love what they are doing.  John D. Herz is a member of that class of artists."

-Wayne James Sheppard | Artist and Author

"John D. Herz is not only an amazingly talented artist, but he is also quite an amazing and honorable man. I have known him personally for years, and I am constantly blown away by both his talent, and by his humility. I adore his wife, who is so supportive of his art, and all who know him understand that when they see him, they are in the room with a true “master”. The fact that he found this “talent” at 58 does not take away from his genius at all…In fact I kind of think that it adds to it, knowing that it was lying there dormant for so many years."

-David Orlando | Musician