“Every day I wake up to the glorious Iris which matches my passion to take on the day: and every evening I find comfort in the sleeping Sunflowers. Thank you John for helping me to begin and end my day with your magnificent art”. 

Joan Loewy    

“John’s portraits are alive to me. Their faces tell me a story, and each has a life force that comes off the paper.”

Sarah Victor- Retired Teacher 

“When I moved into a new home, after my husband of 45 years passed away, one of the first things I wanted to do was hang the art John created for us. Portraits of our two grandsons. I also hung the beautiful Trumpet Flowers. When it came to my bedroom, my wall above my wrought iron bed was empty. When John said he had just finished  a piece in charcoal. I said I would love to see it. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I saw the roses in a heart shape in black and white. As the beautiful roses hang over my bed, tears have rolled down my cheeks since! To have an art piece touch one with such love and inspiration is a “GIFT”.


"A true artist starts first with a special ability that separates them from others. That ability, however is not enough. To be a great artist one must also genuinely express from the heart and truly love what they are doing.  John D. Herz is a member of that class of artists."

-Wayne James Sheppard | Artist and Author

"John D. Herz is not only an amazingly talented artist, but he is also quite an amazing and honorable man. I have known him personally for years, and I am constantly blown away by both his talent, and by his humility. I adore his wife, who is so supportive of his art, and all who know him understand that when they see him, they are in the room with a true “master”. The fact that he found this “talent” at 58 does not take away from his genius at all…In fact I kind of think that it adds to it, knowing that it was lying there dormant for so many years."

-David Orlando | Musician