Who is the "Pencil Artist” John D. Herz?

March 7, 2006, the day that changed my life forever. My Wife and Muse, Nancy, bought me a birthday gift of drawing supplies. She knew I liked to doodle and draw as a kid, but I never had much talent or interest in creating. Neither one of us could have imagined what would happen next. When I started to draw it was like nothing I had ever done before.

The next 10 months I drew using photo images, for reference, that I found on the internet. Then, while traveling in The Bahamas, I met a fishing guide who allowed me to take his photo. That photo became the inspiration for my first portrait, “Mr. Higs”, using my own photography. From then on I wanted to control my art from start to finish by using my own photo images. I also fell in love with portraiture. I started a series of “People of the Street”, which I call “Uncommon Man”. I try to give a Face and a Name to the less fortunate. My passion was born.

Over the next 10 years I created only in black and white. Then one day I decided to try my hand at colored pencils. The next chapter began and new subjects were calling me. Not only did I still have a passion for portraiture, I now had a new passion for flowers and much more.

Over the years I have had some special honors. Three of my portraits were featured in a show at the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion, Trenton, N.J. This show honored the life of Paul Robeson, representing social, economic, and racial injustices. When a corporation or person entrust me to create that special piece for them I am excited and ready for the challenge.
What will the future bring?