Why I Draw

Creating for me comes from deep within. There is something in my soul that brings me to draw specific subjects, whether they be drawings of those less fortunate, trying to “Give them a Face and a Name”, or a beautiful gift from nature. I have a need and desire to make those who see my drawings think and feel something they may not have thought or felt before. Most of my drawings start with my photography for reference. This has allowed me to meet an interesting group of people and photograph magnificent nature.
I once said "Good Luck" to a homeless man I photographed, he looked at me and said, "I don't need good luck. I have all I need in my shopping cart. You probably have bills and other worries. My life is simple". That really opened my
eyes to what is important.
Please enjoy a look into the eyes of my subjects and the beauty of the flowers and all their splendor!

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